Quiz del l’11

Quiz del l’11



Un grup d’alumnes del taller d’Accés a la Universitat van acudir dijous 11 a participar en un Quiz a un pub del Barri de Russafa.  Com ja sabeu, açò dels  Pub Quiz és una  tradició britànica. Diversos equips es junten a disputar una espècie de Trivial totes les setmanes mentre disfruten d’una “pint”.

            I ahí que anarem nosaltres. Podeu quedar tranquils, l’honor de l’escola està salvat, vam quedar les terceres!!!

            Si voleu provar com ho hauríeu fet vosaltres, ahí teniu les preguntes. Enjoy!

La Catrina Language Exchange Quiz

  1. In recent news, a network of eight radio relescopes around the world captured the first ever image of what?
  2. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are best known as the creators of which popular TV series?
  3. There are six living Celtic languages (languages that are still spoken today) – name the six languages.
  4. Which two Spanish teams are playing each other in the Europa League tonight?
  5. What are the capital cities of the following Central American countries? Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica
  6. The Battle of Trafalgar was fought between the navies of whitch three countries?
  7. In recent news, remains of new human species named Hemo luzonensis was discovered in which country?
  8. Who composed the classical music piece In the Hall of the Mountain King?
  9. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have appeared on screen together in three films – name the films.
  10. Which novel begins with the famous opening “It was the besto of times, it was worst of times”? For a bonus point, who wrote the novel?
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